My V-factory

Monitoring and Shop Management

A realistic working model of the factory along with working status of individual machine, product information being manufactured is shown, It displays the result information in real time using Virtual image of the factory.

The system allows data to be segmented in a number of configurations:

  • Review of data by day, month or year
  • Remote monitoring of machine or jobs
  • Live video views of a machine or a department

Other vFactory features include the remote access of locations and machines and alters sent to management via e-mail or cell phone.

  • Features

    • Vfactory provides visualization of Amada machines in real-time. The information can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
    • Operating, standby / setup time, alarm time can be checked and analyzed to improve equipment efficiency.
    • Production result eg. No. of products, no. of strokes can be seen with a click.
    • Operation information, material consumption, energy consumption, Bending operation information can be checked.
    • Facilitates preventive maintenance by monitoring equipment health and minimum downtime.