Bend Plus

Fully Automatic bending data creation CAM

VPSS 3i Bend is required to create a bending data for HG / HRB / EG / HG-ATC machine series. This software is a global software that is incorporated the demand from domestic and overseas market. and realized “easy and understandable” operation by using a high quality sheet metal model. VPSS 3i Bend plus is VPSS system for the new generation.

  • High precision bending simulation

    Usages of high quality SEM model gives high precision bending simulation of the component. The forming shapes like Burring, Louver, Bridge can be seen as true shape.

  • Common Layout Generation

    Multiple components can be processed without changing tooling setup. Combination of tooling setup is proposed by software to reduce tooling set up time that increases productivity time further.

  • Switch between design and bending environment for checking feasibility

    Any changes required in model can be easily done due easy interface between CAD and Bend Simulation window.