• VPSS 3i

    This is a solution for the programing process that acts as the core of the customer's plant. By digitizing the processing know-hows in all processes while tracing back the manufacturing process from completed forms of products, the system will bring the effect of speed-up of on-site work, repelling defective assembly, and skilllessness.

  • Production Designer

    The Production Designer will create unfold of each sheet metal part in the assembly and will generate individual part modules

  • Bend Plus

    VPSS 3i Bend is required to create a bending data for HG / HRB / EG / HG-ATC machine series. This software is a global software that is incorporated the demand from domestic and overseas market. and realized “easy and understandable” operation by using a high quality sheet metal model. VPSS 3i Bend plus is VPSS system for the new generation.

  • Blank Plus

    VPSS3i BLANK is a blank CAM software to enable the continuous stable processing and supported the assembly unit for tooling assignment.

  • AP100 LE

    “Prevent defects, shorten time.” Create development diagrams correctly and without errors, with procedures that mimic manual operation, in a minimum amount of time.

  • SheetWorks for Unfold

    CAD serves as bridge between designing and manufacturing. Many manufacturers use CAD software for unfolding.

  • Kaizen

    KAIZEN is an analysis tool to improve the machine operating rate.

  • Dr. ABE Tube

    CAD/CAM system featuring CAD software for 3D modelling and creation of 2D development diagrams for pipe shapes, plus CAM software for preparing data for processing using laser machines (CAD software required SheetWorks for Unfold).

  • vLot Manager

    vLot Manager is new software that enables yu to check the arrangement, schedule, and process in manufacturing anywhere in real time, and at the same time realizes a Smart Factory that supports field workers to increase efficiency.

  • AITS Software

    AITS stands for Amada ID Tooling System which helps in monitoring and managing the tool usage. Each component of the tools are equipped with unique laser-etched data matrix code for easy tool management. All information of the ID tools are stored and updated in AITS software.

  • Peu/Win

    Peu/Win software helps transferring the NC program and program schedule created using CAM software for processing the machine operation.

  • vFactory

    A realistic working model of the factory along with the working status of the individual machines, product information being manufactured is shown, It displays the result information in real-time using a Virtual image of the factory.