AC servo single drive

New Compact, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent NCT

Amada’s Turret Punch Presses have been delivered more than 30,000 units worldwide. Developed on these results, the AENT series is a line of single AC servo drive turret punch press with Amada’s original ‘’Highly Rigid Bridge Frame”

Designed with the smallest footprint of its class and yet capable of processing 4’ X 8’ sheets, the AE-NT series has a large capacity turret to ensure stable, high speed, high-quality processing.


    Achievement of stable high speed processing

    • Slug Pulling-Less Punching - Less slug pulling achieved stable high speed punching
    • Fine Contouring

    Achievement of High Quality processing

    • High speed deburring – Labor and time consuming deburring is automated and speeded up
    • Slotting – Realized without tool overlap marks that eliminates manual filing work
    • High speed marking – Secondary operations are remarkably being efficient

    Achievement of process integration

    • High speed forming – Parts can be formed to desired shapes and dimensions without using special tools
    • Downward forming – Parts can be formed at high speed without damage and scratches
    • Safety inch bending – Minimal flanges can be automatically bent


Press CapacitykN {ton}200 {20}
Tool Storage45/51/58 Stations
Max. Sheet Sizemm1270 x 25001270 x 50001525 x 5000
Max Sheet Thicknessmm3.2 mm (Brush Table ) 6.4mm (High density brush table)
Punching Accuracymm±0.1mm and ±0.07mm (FA mode)
Hit Rate (25.4mm pitch/3mm stroke)hpmX : 400 Y : 290X : 390 Y : 300X : 380 Y : 280
Max Feed Ratem/minX : 80 Y : 60


Pattern 1Pattern 2Pattern 3
Layout Pattern58st.(2AI)51st.(4AI)45st.(4AI)
Maximum tool diameterE(4-1/2”)D(3-1/2”)E(4-1/2”)
Number of A (1/2”) stations362424
Number of B (1-1/4”) stations121812
Number of C (2”) stations432
Number of D (3-1/2”) stations221
Number of E (4-1/2”) stations2-2
Number of G (1-1/4”) stations232
Number of H (2”) stations-12