Bending robot system for bending ribbed parts and long parts

Simple operation, and secure, safe and stable bending with a single robot. Bending robot system for bending complex rib and panel shapes.

  • HG-Rm with a new hybrid drive system is integrated with single 7-axis articulated robot and a series of intelligent devices aimed specially at bending complex rib and large panel parts.» Simple operation with a single Robot (7-axis articulated Robot)
  • Regripping device for panel
  • Secure production by squaring table
  • Accurate loading of ribbed parts and panels
  • Reduced trial bending and reliable production (Bi-S)
  • Regripping device for rib parts
  • Reduced setup time and expansion of the bending range
  • Easy operation
  • Dedicated CAM


Material - Thicknessmm0.5 - 6.0 mm
Material - Max. workpiece sizemm1250 x 2500
Material - Min. workpiece sizemm100 x 500
Press Brake - ModelHG1303
Press Brake - TonnagekN 1300
Press Brake - Open Heightmm520
Press Brake - Stroke Lengthmm250
Robot - ModelHG Robot 80
Robot - AxisRobot: 6 axis motion and 1 axis of travel
Robot - Payloadkg80 including the gripper