The EGBe series aims to be environmental friendly by using electric servos, reduce setups by automation , and be easy to understand , and has completely new options added to allow you to perform high-precision machining and complex machining without making mistakes. It is an environmentally friendly product that even beginners can use anywhere. evolved into a machine .

  • Features

    Reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 20%

    By converting the drive from hydraulic to electric, CO₂ emissions are reduced by up to 20%.

    Significantly reduce maintenance costs

    It eliminates the need for D-axis oil changes and oil disposal, which were essential with conventional hydraulic systems, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Reduces oil usage by approximately 90%.

  • New servo drive system

    • Achieves high-speed, low-torque and low-speed, high-torque with a single motor, and reduces the capacity of the motor by making it possible to switch the reduction ratio using a clutch.
    • Achieving high productivity and precision

  • Electric crowning

    New electric crowning with left and right independent control improves passing accuracy!

Machine Specifications

Overall width :Lmm290046955235
Height : H (main unit)mm274527803070
Depth :Wmm252025552555
Side plate distancemm170022102700
Table Heightmm950
Table lengthmm21502600
Open height (with/without intermediate plate)mm400/520
Stroke lengthmm250
Pressurization capabilitykN6008001300
Motor outputkW1.7 ×2 (D) 0.75 ×2 (CC)1.7 ×2 (D) 0.75 ×2 (CC)2.6 ×2 (D) 1.5 ×2 (CC)
Machine weightTon5.57.211.5
Rapid closing speedmm/s250
Bend speedmm/s25
Opening speedmm/s250
Back gauge length measurementmm700
Back gauge height rangemm250(30~280)
Back gauge feedratem/minL:30, Y:150, Z:20
Primary wirem㎡14
Receiving capacitykV2.53.14.1
Full load currentA124145192