HG Series is high end press brake for various mix & various volume production.

    An ultra-high precision, high-speed compact bending solution featuring an advanced Dual Servo Power Drive system providing ultimate in bending control and accuracy.


    Automation of tool setup and angle accuracy adjustment by batch tool layout for multiple part types

    Hybrid press brake with the next generation ATC

    The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) is added to the digital hybrid press brake HG-1003 with a new mechanism.

  • HG-1303RM

    Simple operation, and secure, safe and stable bending with a single robot. Bending robot system for bending complex rib and panel shapes.


    The Next Global Standard Bending Machine HRB Press Brake Series leverages industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features that can be customized to resolve your specific challenges. In addition to providing precise bending results, the new HRB Series is engineered to ensure the utmost versatility and ease of use.


    The EGBe series aims to be environmental friendly by using electric servos, reduce setups by automation , and be easy to understand , and has completely new options added to allow you to perform high-precision machining and complex machining without making mistakes. It is an environmentally friendly product that even beginners can use anywhere. evolved into a machine .


    User friendly!

    NC Controller , Front support table

    Higher productivity!

    Table speed:1.3 times, Back gauge speed:3 times