World’s First Fiber Laser with LBC Technology

VENTIS is a new laser system equipped with LBC Technology (Locus Beam Control) which allows to modulate the beam and control the movement of the laser beam, ensuring maximum efficiency based on the type of material and thickness to be processed.

  • Productivity mode

    In Productivity mode - Realise a significant improvement throughput when cutting stainless steel and aluminium with nitrogen. And these performance levels, in tandem with lower energy consumption, can reduce processing costs by up to 75% in some instances.

  • Quality mode

    Quality mode - Improves the surface roughness and resultant dross levels. Cut quality is assured by reducing surface roughness by approximately 50% when compared with a conventional machine. And can eliminate secondary operations such as deburring and reduce processing costs.

  • Kerf-Control mode

    Kerf Control mode enables long-term stable processing during automated system operation. By controlling the locus beam, the kerf width can be controlled to be 2.3 times wider than general fiber lasers. In fact, the system is able to control kerf width for optimal efficiency based on the material type and thickness being processed.


Rated Laser Power4000W
OscillatorLD excited Yb fiber
Processing Dimension X x Y x Z(mm)3070×1550×1004070×2050×100
Axis control methodX, Y, Z axes (simultaneous controller)
Maximum rapid feed rate X : Y : Z(m/min)120 : 120 : 80
Material Thickness(mm)
Mild steel25
Stainless steel20