Ultra high-speed 3-axis linear drive/Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Full linear drive with beam control and autonomous functions. Equipped with unprecedented ultra-high-speed processing with linear drive and a variety of support functions

  • Full 3-Axis linear drive

    Linear drive technology provides very high point-to-point positioning speeds whilst also retaining the ability to provide very high accuracy, even at these increased speeds. Closed loop feedback ensures he accuracy remains consistent at all times.

    The REGIUS-AJ also features intelligent head control which further improves the machine productivity by looking ahead to the next profile to be processed and calculating the most efficient motion.


    AMADA’s original Variable Beam Control Technology automatically adapts the laser beam mode incrementally to perfectly match the material and thickness being processed. The beam mode can also be instantly changed between piercing and cutting to bring the benefit of high speed piercing and increased productivity.


    The new Laser Integration System incorporates several autonomous features to allow the REGIUS to perform at the highest levels of efficiency with minimal operator input, allowing less skilled employees to be utilized.

    The i-Nozzle checker has e automatic functions: Nozzle condition check, nozzle centring and beam condition check.

    Three other LIS functions are i-Process Monitor, Automatic Collision Recovery and i-Optics Sensor.


    ENHANCED FUNCTIONS New features of the AMNC 3i Plus control, such as camera based on-screen nesting and screen sharing provide ease of operation and efficiency

Machine Specification

Numeric ControlAMNC 3i Plus
Controlled axesX,Y,Z axes (three axes controlled simultaneously) + B axis
Axis travel distance X x Y x Zmm3070 x 1550 x 100
Maximum procession dimensions X x Ymm3070 x 1550
Maximum simultaneously feed rate X/Ym/min340
Repeatedly positioning accuracymm± 0.1
Maximum material masskg920
Processing surface heightmm940
Machine masskg11900 (6KW) / 12000 (9KW)

Oscillator Specifications

Beam generationLaser diode-pumped fibre laser
Maximum powerW60009000
Maximum processing thickness* | Mild steel Stainless steel Aluminium Brass copper Titaniummm25 | 25 | 25 | 15 | 12 | 1025 | 25 | 25 | 18 | 12 | 15

Shuttle Table Specification

Max. material dimensions X x Ymm3070 x 1550
Number of pallets2