ENSIS 3015 RI Fiber Laser with Rotary Index

The Rotary Index is an integrated unit, allowing the cutting head to be positioned near the chuck—minimizing the dead zone. Bowed pipe or tubing can now be cut without vibration while maintaining accuracy from end to end.

The innovative design expands process range capabilities to cut a significantly wider variety of tubing and pipe. AMADA's ENSIS 3015 RI can process round, square, rectangle, C-channel, and angle iron, making it the most versatile Rotary Index laser cutting system available.

Fiber laser machine for both flat sheets and tubes

High-Precision Processing of Flat and Shaped Materials, 3kW Fiber Laser Cutting System with Rotary Index

Machine Specifications

NC typeAMNC-3 i
OscillatorAMADA ENSIS-3000
ChillerR KE3752B-VA-UP2
Dust collectorPXN-6XA (self-standing pail can type)
Axis travel methodX, Y axis: Rack and pinon drive
Axis control methodX,Y,Z, A axes (simultaneous 4 axes control) + B axis + CF axis
Axis travel distance XxYxZmm3070 x 1550 x200
Maximvm processing dimersioas X x Ymm3070 x 1550
Rapid feed rate X/Y axis Composite170
Processing feed ratemm/min0 - 120 (maximum command speed)
Least input incrementmm0.001
Maximum material mass (flat sheet)kg920
Working surface heightmm940
Power requirements (machine only)kVA6.0

Tube Specifications

Shape of tube/Structural steelTube (Round/Square/Rectangular) Angle(Even/Uneven L shape), Section steel (C-Channel)
Outer dimensions of tube/Structural SteelmmRound Tube: ᶲ 19 ~ 220 Square Tube: □ 19 ~ 150 Rectangle Tube: Circle circumscribing less than ᶲ220 Angle (L shape): 19 ~ 90(h) x 19 ~ 90(w) C-Channel : 19 – 150(h) x 19 ~ 150(w)
Maximum processing Lengthmm6000 (dead zone: 218) *Size exceeding the processing range is supported by repositioning
Thickness of Tube/Structural Steelmm1~9 (Tube) 1~12 (Angle, C-Channel)
Maximum Mass (Tube/Structural Steel)kg200
Support ChuckMain chuck synchronization method

Oscillator Specifications

Oscillation methodLD excitation fiber laser
Rated laser powerW3000
Stability%+2.0 or lower
Pulse peak outputW3150
Pulse frequencyHz1 ~ 10000
Duty%0 ~ 100
Amount of cooling water (Recirculating Type) L/min40 or more (Temperature at 25˚C)
Power RequirementskVA11.9

Standard functions and Main options

Laser Cutting Process MonitoringStandard
Cooling cut (WACS II)Standard
Oil ShotStandard
Nozzle ChangerStandard: 8 Option:16
HP(hyper) EZ Cut IIOption
3 color lightOption