NC Stud welding machine

High accuracy welding with NC and positioning functions

Stud welding machine with no need for collet change

  • High accuracy NC and High accuracy positioning unit
  • Prevention of careless mistakes with data entry into NC unit
  • Tilt-free welding with rigid frame and positioning unit
  • Centre punch and template are not required. Weld error is eliminated


ModelGUNMAN-1000 II
Material size(mm)X:1100 x Y:1000
Material typeSPCC SECC SUS
Stud bolts (Straight and boss) (mm)M3x6~25, M4x8~25, M5x8~25, M6x8~25 / ⌀6x8~25, M8x8~25/ ⌀8x8~25
Number of steps/Number of programs90/60