Fiber Laser Welding

New Standard for Sheetmetal Welding Handy Fiber Laser Welder “FLW-1500MT” uses an oscillator with 1500W rated power.

The combination of a high power oscillator and the latest wobbling feature provides wide-range welding, from “smooth welding unique to fiber laser” to “deep penetration welding with minimal distortion using focused beam”. In addition, high energy-saving performance of fiber laser and compact footprint by an oscillator with a built-in control device support customers manufacturing as a high cost-performance machine.

  • High brightness

    Great weld penetration capacity with high brightness laser:

    • Stainless steel: 4.0mm
    • Mild steel :4.0 mm
    • Aluminum :4.0 mm

  • Wobbling feature

    Change wobbling width and frequency based on required weld quality. Wobbling width: 0 to 5mm Wobbling frequency: 0 to 300Hz

  • Safety measures

    Cabin :

    • Operate the machine in the cabin to prevent the laser beam from leaking outside.
    • An "interlock" is provided on the door of the cabin to stop laser emission immediately when someone other than the operator enter into the cabin.

    Wired Protective Helmet :

    • The full-face helmet prevents reflected light from the operator.
    • Due to the "helmet wearing sensor" and "protective shield with damage detector", laser welding cannot be performed when the helmet is not worn or when the helmet is defective.

    Handy Torch :

    • The laser beam can be emitted according to the specified "emission procedure".
    • The laser beam cannot be emitted if the tip of the torch is not touching the workpiece.
    • Plasma sensor prevents laser emission by error when the tip of the torch is not touching the workpiece.

Machine Specifications

Machine ModelFLW-1500MT
Registered Machine NameFLW1500MT
Rated Laser PowerW1500
Max. Laser PowerW2500
Cabin WxDxHmm2382x2832x2246.4
Safety DevicesDoor interlock, Wired protective helmet, Nozzel contact detection (Ground) and Plasma sensor
Power RequirementskVA5.9


Wire feeder
Rotary table
Dust collector