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  • Fiber Laser Welding

    New Standard for Sheetmetal Welding Handy Fiber Laser Welder “FLW-1500MT” uses an oscillator with 1500W rated power.


    ID-TOGU always can provide optimal grinding by taking grinding values from AITS server automatically. Tool height data is transferred to AITS server when tools are measured by the measuring device. It enables digital Management of tooling condition, and realizes stable processing quality.


    Automated, precise, high-speed grinding

    The TOGU -III has been created to assist the grinding process and to considerably reduce the loss in production time and will help every customer obtain the highest quality of grinding


    Achievement of high speed and high grade welding with various functions

  • Spot welding Machine – ID series

    Inverter-controlled DC spot welding machine

    • Thermal efficiency is high enough to reduce burning and distortion and to prolong electrode life.
    • Aluminium and coated metals can be welded
    • The power requirement is reduced to a much lower level than that of a AC single-phase power supply.
    • Occurrence of expulsion (sparks), burning and indentations is reduced to reduce secondary operations.
    • The welding conditions can be simply set.
    • The stability range is expanded, regardless of electrodes and material, to improve weld quality.
  • Table type Spot welding Machine – TS series

    Space and cost savings are achieved

    • High quality welding with excellent operability and workability.
    • High quality, eco-friendliness and high productivity accomplished.
    • Inverter-controlled power supply.
    • Optimum options from tip dresser to table are available to meet specific applications.
  • NC Stud welding machine

    High accuracy welding with NC and positioning functions

    Stud welding machine with no need for collet change

    • High accuracy NC and High accuracy positioning unit
    • Prevention of careless mistakes with data entry into NC unit
    • Tilt-free welding with rigid frame and positioning unit
    • Centre punch and template are not required. Weld error is eliminated