Tooling & Spares

Automatic Tool Grinder: TOGU III

The TOGU -III has been created to assist the grinding process and to considerably reduce the loss in production time and will help every customer obtain the highest quality of grinding.

Machine Weight

480 Kg(excluding a transformer)

Power Supply

AC200/220V 3 phase 2.5k VA
A Transformer is used outside AC200/220V area
Air Supply 1700L/min
Grinding Wheel CBN ø135
Max. diameter too, size ø160
Max. Grinding 0.99mm
Main axis motor 1.5KW 2P
Main axis rotation speed 2810/3000 rpm
Main axis travel 240 mm
Main axis feed motor DC Server Motor 40w
Main axis feed speed-high 600mm/min
Main axis feed speed-middle 60mm/min
Main axis feed speed-low 0.06mm/min
Table motor 0.1kw 4P
Table rotation speed 60/72 rpm (50/60 Hz)
Cooling water pump motor 0.06kw 2P
Cooling water pump motor flow 20/25L/ (50/60 Hz)