Laser Machine

FOM2 Series Laser Cutting Machine

Consistent cutting over the entire work envelope, the highly functional design combines the latest developments in the machine. The rugged flying optic design and available options makes this revolutionary design the natural choice for all fabrication needs.

EM 2510 NT

Machine Model FO MII-2412NT FO MII-3015NT
NC Control AMNC-F
Oscillator AF2000E-LU2.5 AF4000i-B AF2000E-LU2.5 AF4000i-B
Drive Method X-axis: Rack and Pinion // Y/Z-axis:Ball Screw
Control Method X-Y and Z axis simultaneous controlled + B axis
Cutting Range(X*Y*Z) 2520mm x 1270mm x 200mm 3040mm x 1550mm x 200mm
Nominal Sheet Size (X/Y/Z) 4' x 8' (2520mm x 1270mm) 5' x 10' (3070mm x 1550mm)
Parallel Speed 80 m/min
Simultaneous Speed 113 m/min
Cutting Speed (X * Y) 0 to 20 m/mm
Maximum Sheet Weight 620 Kg 920 Kg
Pass Line 840 mm
Electrical power consumption of entire system 38 KW 53 KW 38 KW 53 KW