Laser Machines


ENSIS 3015AJ - Thin To Thiick, High-Speed, High-Precision 3KW Fiber Laser Achieve Faster Cutting Speeds & Expand your Cutting Capabilities



Debut of machine combining fiber laser and punch!
Highly efficient process integration achieved with less energy consumption and cost!
The laser cutting area is enclosed by a table cabin and a shutter to provide laser light shielding.The machine can be easily combined with peripheral units and automated to achieve a shorter total



Amada, a worldwide laser machine pioneer, introduces the new global standard fiber laser cutting machine, the LCG-3015AJ. Combined with an Amada designed oscillator, the LCG-3015AJ enhances processing speeds and productivity along with the ability to process highly reflective, exotic materials with ease.


LCG3015 – Global Standard C02 laser cutting machine

Amada,has developed a new highly tuned, direct drive laser cutting machine, the LCG 3015. This machine delivers higher speed and faster acceleration processing by utilizing a carriage with a lower centre of gravity and the latest motion system incorporating high torque motors and helical rack drives. Combined with a CO₂ oscillator designed with a cutting mode similar to a fiber laser, the LCG 3015 enhances processing speeds and productivity in the thin to medium thick material range.


LC F1-NT Series

LC F1 NT Series

» Exceedingly fast piercing and remarkably fast cutting with a 3 axis linear motor drive.
» Superb cutting quality with clean edges
» Extraordinary precision
» Switching focus lenses no longer necessary
» Automatic nozzle change
» Cut process monitoring
» Superior Workability

FOM2RI Series

FOM2RI Series

Laser cutting system with Rotary Index
The Most Versatile Rotary Index Laser Cutting System Available
The FOM2 3015 NT RI is engineered to include an innovative Rotary Index with the power and speed to efficiently cut mid to thick materials. The Rotary Index is located on one of three shuttle pallets—making it extremely easy to switch from flat sheet cutting to tube or pipe cutting.




The best space saver in its class. A mini laser-procesing machine that realises excellent operationality , workability, easy maintenance and low running cost. Assures user-friendly laser operations.


EML-NT Series

EML 3510 NT


» Higher Productivity (High speed processing)
» Less Scratch/mark on Material (High grade processing)
» Integrated Manufacturing Processes
» Micro-joint less Processing : Higher Yield Rate
» Easy Setting


LCC1-NT Series

LC 2012C1NT - New Combination Machine

The new combination machine LC-2012 C1 NT offers innovative pressing and laser technology in the smallest space.

By combining the laser with semi-flying optics and because of the servo-electrical pressing drive we achieve in this class an up to now unrivaled dimension of flexibility and energy efficiency.