Thank you for visiting us at IMTEX 2018

Dear Customers,

A big thank you from Amada team for visiting our stall at IMTEX 2018 and making this event a truly memorable and successful.

We hope our show focused on “Automation for your Success” combined with Amada’s latest 6kW Fiber Laser & High precision high productivity Press Brake will inspire you for next level of automation.

Please feel free to contact us / visit us at Bangalore Technical Center to know more about the exhibited products and solutions.

Amada India displayed 3 unique solution at IMTEX 2018. Launch of LCG3015AJ 6kW with Automation, HG1303 with Sheet Follower & VPSS3i (IoT based production system)

LCG3015AJ-6kW with Automation   HG1303 with SF
VPSS 3i Solution & VFactory   Displayed solution presented to customers
Thank you from Team Amada