Bending Machine

HG Series

EM 2510 NT
•A total solution with High speed and Accuracy for all production environments
•A newly developed NC unit has display functions strengthened to allow operators to check forming information in real time and to contribute to easier operation and shorter lead time. A variety of bend angle solutions support inexperienced operators in achieving target bend angle from the first part without test bending.
Model HG-5020
HG-8025 HG-1303 HG-1703 HG-1704 HG-2203 HG-2204
(kN) 500 800 1300 1700 1700 2200 2200
Bend Length mm 2150 2600 3110 3110 4300 3110 4300
Stoke length mm 250
Approach Speed mm/s 220
Bending Speed at mm/s 20
Return Speed mm/s 250
Machine Mass kg 5500 7200 11500 15000 18000 17000 20000

Note:    Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.