Bending Machine

HM Series

HM Series

Standard network ready press brake in various lineup for wide range of products.
The features of the HM series have been designed around the requirements of modern manufacturing needs. these include:

  • Large open height
  • Large throat depth
  • Passive crowning
  • Networking capability

As is the case with all press brakes from AMADA, the HM series is equipped with AMADA’s patented instant reactive beam within ensures constant parallel deflection of both the upper and lower beams. A constant bend angle along the full length of the machine is easily achieved.

Model 5020 1003 1303 2204
Capacity kN {ton} 500 100 1300 2200
Press beam length mm 2090 3110 3110 4280
Stoke length mm 200
Control axis 4
Connected Load kW 5.5 7.5 11 18.5
Open Height mm 470