Bending Machine

HFE M2 Series

HFE M2 Series

Servo/Hydraulic, Down-Acting Press Brake HFE M2
The features of the HFE-M2 series have been designed around the requirements of modern manufacturing needs. these include:

  • Large open height
  • Large throat depth
  • Narrow lower beam
  • Large distance between the side frames

As is the case with all press brakes from AMADA, the HFE-M2 series is equipped with AMADA’s patented instant reactive beam within ensures constant parallel deflection of both the upper and lower beams. A constant bend angle along the full length of the machine is easily achieved.

Model 1303 1703 2204
Capacity kN {ton} 1300 1700 2200
Press Beam Length mm 3140 3170 4280
Stoke length mm 200
Control axis 4
Connected Load kW 12.5 16.5 20
Open Height mm 470
Machine Weight kg 8460 11910 17450